How does Pathogenics work? I don’t understand
Pathogenics is an energy based system that removes the energy signature of the pathogens thereby removing them from you so you do not have the symptoms anymore.

Where exactly does the pathogens energy signature go when it is removed?
I honestly cannot tell you that. Every person processes differently, and our body flushes out what it does not need.

What do I need to do?
There are only two things you have to do,
Stay Hydrated! – drink lots of water.
Pay Attention to changes you feel or see in your body and symptoms and let me know.

Do I need to stay home from work?
No, most people don’t feel anything when the work is being done, others are more sensitive and we will make sure the work is being done at a pace that is right for you and comfortable.

Are there side effects?
Working with the energy signature of one pathogen can allow for another one, that your body has “locked away” so you don’t feel sick anymore, come back to the surface and you may become symptomatic again. This is why you stay in contact with me and tell me, so we get rid of that one next.
Sometimes there is only one virus or pathogen. I have had some patients with multiple pathogens that have accumulated over years that may take time to show up. We just keep working until you become asymptomatic.

You don’t charge extra for clearing different layers of the same pathogen?
No, especially if you are older you can have the same strain in different layers picked up  throughout the years.

More questions?
Schedule a 20 minute complimentary call and I will answer all of your questions I am able to.
Our body is an amazing creation and can do amazing things to heal when given the chance.