I am a Canadian West Coast born Momma of 2 amazing grown daughters, recently migrated to The Yukon.

I was never a sick, whenever I got sick my body fought it off and made me stronger, I had a strong body. 
Unknown to me until several years ago,  when you fight off  germs and illness, your body gets rid of as much of the disease as it can and then safely stores the rest of the pathogen in your body, in fat, tissues, organs, lymphs, glands  or anywhere it can to isolate it, so it does not keep affecting you.

This is why once you have had a cold sore you always get them.
Or if you have had Pneumonia or Bronchitis once you seem to be more susceptible to it. 
 Especially when you are rundown and stressed. It is because your body can’t suppress it anymore and the virus comes back to the surface.

So when my body couldn’t withstand any more stress toxins I became very ill. I shook uncontrollably, became allergic to many day to day things for the first time every. I constantly had cold sores, sinus infections, I couldn’t remember what i doing from one day to another. I was putting on weight and had sores and lesions appearing on my body

Being single now also I was working with a coach to rebuild my business and she told me about Tamsin Henman, another client of hers who removed pathogens. I was so sick, I contacted her in the UK and without a lot of explanation said, I’m in, nothing else was working and I could not function in normal day to day routines anymore.

So REMOTELY, she began removing the pathogens that were causing me to be extremely sick.

Well, I had so many old amalgam dental fillings, little did I know, the toxins were leaching into my body causing illness, constant pain, brain fog, confusion, and lethargy.

I had a lifetime of constipation and bloating. I thought this was normal and everyone had the same issues as it was not something I talked about with friends or family. 

Tamsin removed a host of Pathogens,

  • Herpes Simplex, and 5 other strains                                                       
  • Amalgam, Silver, Palladium toxicity
  • Hepatitis C
  • Amoeba viruses
  • Sinusitis
  • Norwalk Virus
    …and many more

When I realized especially with Norwalk, I have never been on a cruise ship, but people I knew had,I became aware how easily we can catch pathogens from other around us. We don’t even have to travel internationally to become infected with diseases not normally in the are you live in. You can catch a virus from stranger passing by and touching the same door knob.

I have always believed in Alternative Healing.

So when Tamsin Henman decided to teach this skill, I was in. I am a Level 4  Pathogenicist, in the Guild of Pathogen Whisperers. www.pathogenwhisperer.com

You can read Tamsin’s story here if you want to understand how she came to understand how removing pathogens remotely was possible http://www.pathogenics.co.uk/who


All of these curves in my road have lead me here.

And I am so happy they did!


Now I get to provide the same healing  to others that I was blessed to have given to me. 

For me this has been a life changing service.
You are able to decide for yourself.

YOU are the one who can do the most for your health, vitality and quality of life.