I am a Canadian West Coast born Momma of 2 amazing grown daughters,  recently migrated to The Yukon.
Being  born 8 weeks premature in a Typhoon, Typhoon Freda, I spent 2 months in an incubator, which deprives the baby of antibodies from mom and the hospital gives them what they have to keep them alive and healthy.

I was never a sickly child, whenever I got sick my body fought it off and made me stronger, I had a strong body. 
Unknown to me until several years ago,  when  you fight off  germs and illness, your body gets rid of as much of the disease as it can and then safely stores the rest of the pathogen in your body, in fat, tissues, organs, lymphs or anywhere it can to isolate it, so it does not keep affecting you.

This is why once you have had a cold sore you always get them?  Or had Pneumonia once and are more susceptible to it?
 Especially when you are rundown and stressed. It is because your body can’t suppress it anymore and the virus comes back to the surface.



35 years later, when the stress and overwhelm became


SO GREAT in my life that my body couldn’t handle anymore,

I was sick, sicker than I had ever been. Doctors could do nothing

Manageable at first, then uncontrollable.

All my life I have been putting the pieces together to get here.

Right where I am, right now.


And I’m so excited to be here!!

I have always believed in Alternative Healing Methods 

So when Tamsin decided to teach this skill, I was in.  I  am graduating  Level 4  and soon to be in the  guild of pathogen whisperers. www.pathogenwhisperer.com

You can read Tamsins’ story here if you want to understand how she came to understand how removing pathogens remotely was possible http://www.pathogenics.co.uk/who


All of these curves in my road have lead me here.
And I am so happy they did!

Now I get to provide the same relief to others that I was blessed to have given to me.

A life changing service


YOU are the source of your desire and emotions.

I had the perfect structured life of work, husband kids and house. On the outside.

Then my life fell apart. Actually, I tore it apart, painfully and unconsciously with passive aggressive behaviour and  victim mentality that spiraled down to an affair. I didn’t know I was, all I knew is that it was wrong. My kids got hurt, but good enough wasn’t cutting it any more.

I left and couldn’t go back, but I couldn’t let go. I didn’t know how to speak my truth, so when my husband told me he finished, a relief washed over me like a tidal wave. I thanked him.

  • I educated myself n finance and business, building a 6-figure business
  • Took my investments back from an advisor I pad to lose ½ of my money in 2008
  • I’ve spent 20 years in self development that enables me to love where and who I am now, with boundaries
  • I acknowledged and embraced my spiritual connection with myself and the divine
  • I discovered the power of intuition and energy, which I had all along

I had spent all my life stifling my emotions I did not know what I felt or how to feel it. By the age of  18 I had been in  4 car accidents. All caused by drinking to numb the pain of burying who I was to survive.  The last one they said I should have been a paraplegic.

The accidents stopped but the stifling of emotions didn’t.

I didn’t know what I was feeling or how to feel them.


Alone now, I dug deep, no bullshit excuses and took responsibility for my life and my results. One day I woke up and thought, “This is what I was missing”

Being true to myself has given me the passion and the desire to express what I know and learned.

I got it when I quit being and a martyr and accepted responsibility for my life!